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Monkey & The Big Fella

Monkey & The Big Fella

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Welcome to the Monkey and the Big Fella webpage!

Check out the latest, so-called "best bits" in the player above, and their more visual humour below!

Monkey & the Big Fella had a chat with Australia's Prime Minister, Scott 'ScoMo' Morrison this morning! Check it out below!


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Matt Monk was part of the inaugural Coast FM Breakfast show in 2003. He has been involved with radio for over 10 years including various stints in Warrnambool and Queensland. “Monkey” also manages the Flying Horse Bar & Brewery.

What spare time he does have is spent with his 4 kids and wife Tania. He's a former pescatarian, really enjoys a cup of tea and a game of trivial pursuit, folding washing and putting his kids to bed.


Matty Stewart started his radio career in 2001 where his keen interest and love of all things sport saw him become the local sports journo on 3YB/Coast FM. He's spent time on various shows ever since including the Footy shows, dropkicks and more recently heads up the Hampden League Live team.

He likes to live by the motto 'live every day as if it's your last'. He's owned pubs and nightclubs and now considers flipping the odd pizza at Town & Country as a more family-friendly occupation.


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