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Beautiful Weather Ahead

Beautiful Weather Ahead

The South-West Is Set For Some Sunny Days Before Rain Returns Next Week

Friday and Saturday are set to be spectacular days weather wise, with beautiful sun and warm temperatures predicted for the start of our weekend.

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Keris Arndt Senior forecaster from the Bureau of meteorology says to be prepared for some warm conditions but for more rain to follow.

"We're in for some sunny days to round out the week, Thursday's still pretty mild, but after that as we head towards the weekend, we're looking at some very warm conditions coming up, Saturday even more so, that warm air continues to stream down from the north-west," Arndt said.

Arndt revealed there is also meant to be gusty and possibly severe winds on the way along with the warmth.

"We're seeing winds really strengthen up ahead of the trough that moves through later in the weekend, it will get pretty blustery overnight on Friday and we're expecting to issue a severe weather warning for some strong winds, mostly throughout Friday night and early Saturday morning," he said.

Whilst many of us are excited for a warmer weekend, the Bureau says the sunny days aren't going to stick around, as Arndt revealed that by Sunday rain will be back on the radar.

"By Sunday we're back down into below average temperatures as we have a band of rain that moves through, it's likely to get pretty wet through much of the state on Sunday," Arndt said.

"That's likely to stick with us throughout early next week, we wont see the temperatures budge much from the high teens in the south all the way through to mid next week," he said.

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