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The Question

The Question

Every Question so far!

The answer is 45, what's The Question?

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How many shipwrecks are there around Warrnambool?

What is 9 x 5?

How many years next year has Folkie been going?

At Geelong's last premiership, what number did the captain wear?

The second world war ended in 19..?

At what speed do vinyl singles play?

The hottest day we've had this year.

What speed is the nutbush done at?

What are Rookie & Dani's ages combined?

What fitness program does Rookie do, F what?

The number of years since the release of the movie Jaws.

The number of USA Presidents there have been

How many years ago did the Vietnam War finish?

How many roundabouts in Warrnambool?

How many kilometres from Warrnambool to Terang?

The % of people in the world who have changed their diet to better the world.

How many numbers you can pick from in Tattslotto?

The highest ever recorded temperature in Warrnambool.

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