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Image- Moyne Shire Council

Bin Contamination Issues

Bin Contamination Issues

Image- Moyne Shire Council

Moyne Shire Council issues reminder as contamination rates hinder recycling efforts

The Moyne Shire Council has again called upon local residents to ensure they keep their yellow recycling bins free of glass, following high contamination rates in recent weeks.

A recent collection saw over 31 tonnes of recycling waste collected from Port Fairy, Mortlake, Caramut and Koroit yellow recycling bins in just one week, which returned a 20% contamination rate.

The council has reminded residents that just one yellow bin containing glass, can contaminate the whole truck load of recyclables and can lead to all of it going to landfill.

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The Council's Environment and Regulatory Services Manager Robert Gibson, said while they appreciate that the majority are doing the right thing, it needs to be a collective effort.

"It is frustrating because obviously this is the way of the future, the State Government's looking to roll out this fourth bin across the whole of Victoria, so Moyne is sort of at the pointy end in regard to responding to recycling and trying to get it right" he said.

"But Council can only do so much, we can provide the system and the means for everyone to make it work, ultimately we just need everyone out there who's putting their bins out to just get the right stuff in the right bin, that's the simple messaging"

"It's unfortunate, because we are finding that things are improving in some regards, there's not as many contaminated bins, but those that are contaminated would be described as being grossly contaminated".

Mr Gibson also confirmed that the Council would be continuing bin checks, with the Council warning they will not be able to continue to collect bins that are contaminated.

Anyone wishing to find out more about recycling, or what belongs in each bin, can do so via the Recycling and Waste section of the Moyne Shire Council's website.

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